Friends for Life Bike Rally, Day 3! Oh no, that smell is me. #F4LBR

It’s Wear Red Day (previously known as Red Dress Day) and everyone is all gussied up!

Team Switchin’ Gears in the morning. 

Oh and let’s not forget our new best friends, the Bike Rally mechanics who’ve been such a huge help. 

It was a morning with earlier packing times and departure but also no rush to do the 50 km in to Kingston as lunch and rooms would not be available until noon.  The sun was out, a welcome change from the Day 2 Deluge. 

We rode together as best we could until the break at 25 km. With a lot of riders it can get tricky on busy roads. After 3 days of cycling without hot showers I realized I smelled very strongly. No matter how carefully you pack the used gear the smell permeates all of the clothes in the bin. Mix that fermented body odor with gastrointestinal upset and a dab of diaper rash creme and you’ve got a mighty pungent perfume. 

Traditional team photo in Kingston

So tonight we do laundry, shower, eat with metal utensils with ceramic plates while sitting indoors. 

Thankful for a morning with less logistics.

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