Bike Rally Day 2: Photos #F4LBR

Actually there aren’t many photos because you can’t use your phone/camera in a thunder and lightning storm. 

Here’s one, me, wet, at a rest stop.

We had lots and lots of torrential rain. We also had a lot of flats. That goes with riding on wet roads. The bike rally mechanics were super helpful. We even started a Facebook fan page for them.
But we’re here in Adolphustown, 130 km later,  at a lovely campground. The day ended in sunshine and a swim in the lake. Team members Nat and Sydney bravely took part in the talent show. They were great! 

And here’s the view looking up from my chair at our campsite.

Tomorrow is our short day. It’s just 51 km into Kingston. And we dress in red. Photos to follow.

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