Sat with Nat

Sports, Food and Sex Drive

So I’ve laughed about cramping up during a run on my post Is running cross-training for sex?

The past couple Fridays I’ve showed up to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, uncharacteristicly giddy in the morning. It dawned on me I’m loving Thursday night soccer. I love playing, especially when my brain clicks with what I should do and my body responds in time (rare, but fun!).

I also love going for a beer and food post game to socialize, much like coffee and goodies post-bike rides. 

The best part though, I have to say, is how energized I am when I get home and the next day. I feel strong and confident and sexy!

As an extrovert I get recharged in a laughing crowd. As someone who needs to move my body to stay calm cycling, walking and soccer help manage my anxiety and keep my body working. But the best part is that sports and food with friends means I’m able to enjoy all the other things life offers. 

I’m working on a university course as I try to finally get a degree. I’m slowly writing a sci-fi novel. I’ve got a great garden that I lose all kinds of time in. 

Best of all though is still having time and energy for sex! Wahoo!

I’m thinking I might just have to label myself a sport sexual 😉