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Facebook memories and blood pressure stories. 

This past week I was scrolling through my Facebook memories and two dates went by April 2 & 5. Turns out it is exactly 2 years on April 2 since I started blood pressure medication. Funnier yet is the angry April 5, 2011 post about visiting the doctor for an inhaler and being told I had high blood pressure. 

In 2011 I was training 6 days a week for my first Give It A Tri. I was swimming & running consistently and spinning once a week. I was so mad about the conversation with my doctor I didn’t go back for 3 years. 

What caused me to go back was an incident at work when I thoughtI was having a heart attack. The feeling passed after a couple hours and I’m pretty sure it was a nasty case of heartburn but I felt terrible. 

Did I tell my doctor that? Nope. Too scared. Booked a routine follow-up and then took a couple weeks before I shared what had happened here

It was a pretty terrible time. I’m doing much better health & fitness wise these days. I’ve written a bit about balancing my choices and my genetics here

I’m getting new blood work done and hope to see some better numbers there like I’ve seen with my blood pressure. 

I keep running into friends & family who’ve recently been told they have high blood pressure. The great news is knowing about it is key to understanding what to do to mitigate against the risk of heart disease and stroke. 

So if you are feeling off, get a check-up. You can change things in your life and we don’t have to live out the consequences of our genetics the way our grandparents did. Yay modern medicine!

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  1. I follow naturopathy check out The Health Awareness Center on FB. The are in INDIA Mumbai. You will be amazed at what they can do. With just a change in your diet.

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