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Accepting the tentacle of friendship a.k.a. Saying ‘yes’ to soccer

My workplace announced this week we are having a soccer league this summer. A couple colleagues popped by my desk to ask me if I wanted to be on thier team. I scoffed. I said that I wasn’t very good at soccer and declined, assuring them all I would do is catch the ball with my face. 

The next day I realized I had made a mistake, these lovely folks had asked me to play with them. I am able to run and kick. It occurred to me the youngest players will be 21 years old. Most will be clustered around 30. I was worried  I’d be too old. My partner laughed and reminded me I’m 41, I keep forgetting!

I’m at my best surrounded by people and having fun, what better way to get to know some folks I work with a bit better?

It’s co-ed teams playing full field outdoor soccer. I’m thinking I’ll want to ramp up my running until the season starts in May. 

Here’s hoping I have fun, make some friends and get a smidge of exercise. 


6 thoughts on “Accepting the tentacle of friendship a.k.a. Saying ‘yes’ to soccer

  1. Oh oh oh. I’m jealous. I miss soccer. Such a social game. My knee won’t let me play.

  2. I remember being asked last to join an office softball league….at the rec center I worked at. I almost said no, but then I said yes, because at least they’d asked. HAVE FUN! It’s always a good time when you can just do sport for fun and bonding!

  3. Have fun! My dad used to coach me in soccer, then he switched to coaching my younger sister’s age group, then when we stopped playing he coached ladies soccer for years. He has all kinds of coaching qualifications. Then for some unknown reason he was suddenly taken off the age bracket that he had been coaching, and he was never asked to coach again. He has all kinds of coaching qualifications, and in fact I think at one point he had the coaching levels required to coach professional soccer.

    I’m actually thinking of taking up horseback riding so that I can play a sport where I’m not required to talk or interact with anyone else around me except my horse. We got a free session at a local stable as one of the hand outs at the Christmas parade, and we took our 3 year old this afternoon. He got to tag along with a slightly older child and her mom while they groomed a pony and then got Pompom all saddled up. He was allowed to sit on the pony, but not ride it. The girls riding the horses in the giant arena with a floor of sand looked like mystical Narnian elves. I’m going to see if I can get lessons for my birthday.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. You were my prof a few years ago for a philosophy of the family course. I actually followed a link on the WSFR website.

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