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Walking in a Winter Wonderland 

I love living within 2 kilometers of downtown and where I work. This winter has not been very snowy and not very cold. I’ve tried to find a proper winter coat but there is little in my size that suits my taste. I decided to layer sweaters and scarves this year and hope for a better year for coats next year. 

I’ve been noting my steps taken since my new iPhone seems pretty good at tracking.

I keep confirming the best way to get activity into my day is to walk to work. I especially like it when my partner and I commute together. We have great conversations and Mr Twitchy definitely encourages me to keep a quick pace. 

Last night we were deciding if we would walk or drive downtown to meet friends. We decided to walk. I hate looking for parking and driving through late night revellers stresses me out. 

Tracy teased me, wondering why all the walking. I’ll let you in on a secret, I had enrolled in a 5 day step challenge. Friday was day 3 and the leader had covered over 30 miles. 30 miles! I can’t imagine what walking and running more than 10 miles a day consistently looks like. 

I did feel like a winner on the way home though. A great night with friends, wonderful music and tasty beer was topped off with a walk home with my sweetie. 


4 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland 

  1. Great to see you both last night. Wonderful music, wonderful friends. Winning combo. Oh, and a music night out not in a bar. I like it!

  2. Excellent. Make it part of your daily DNA. After awhile, one doesn’t “think” about walking as a separate activity. It becomes seamless in daily living.

    Do a lot of people walk to do stuff in your area? Is it London?

    1. Yup, I’m in London and I don’t see a lot of folks walking. Our guideline is if it’s less than 3 km we don’t use the car.

      1. Doesn’t sound as if things have changed since I lived there for university. That was um……33+ yrs. ago. 😀

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