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The flu

  Hey friends,

Sorry for the dreary post but I’m down hard with the flu. Ah yes, you seasonal bit of dirt in my eye. 

I did get the flu shot, about 2 weeks ago but the tricky thing is you need 2 weeks to get the immunity. Dagnabbit!

So I look scary and feel worse. It’s been fever and chill, coughing and sneezing, the whole nine yards. 

So no run Thursday and likely not today. I’m lightheaded and woozie. I’m at mild risk of complications from the flu due to asthma. I’m one of those asthmatics who makes tenacious mucus. Oh ya. That is way  gross but important to know because it means having a hard time clearing my lungs. That can lead to pneumonia. Bad stuff that. 

So I’m trying to reconcile my strong drive to be productive with the fact I’ve been sitting at home making tenacious mucus since Thursday at lunch. 

I know taking a break when I’m this sick is important. It just sucks. I started a new health coaching program this week and have been tracking my activity. (More on that program next week!)

Now my activity numbers are low for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’m feeling defensive for no reason. My abs hurt from the coughing. Wha!

It’s not serious. I know. It’s just the flu and by next week I’ll be right as rain. 

When you are sick do you push through with workouts or take a break? I’d love to hear what you do a mind why. 

Stay fit & fiesty friends. 

14 thoughts on “The flu

  1. Oh Lordie. I feel for you. That stinks, big time. Sending super positive vibes and extra gentle hugs your way.

    I have a rule that goes something like this:

    anything above the throat, I can on as near to normal as possible but err on the side of caution with anything explosive and reduce intensity. Running becomes more of a jog and the distance is reduced or I simply walk. I have more rest, eat well and drink lots of fluids.

    anything below the throat and in particular, anything that hits the chest, I stop all exercise and let my body do what it needs to do to recover. When starting exercising again, it is reduced in intensity and in length. Gradually over the following 2 or 3 weeks, I build back up to where I was, prior to said illness.

    I think it’s worth bearing in mind that exercise takes its toll on the immune system and if you are fighting a virus or bacterial infection, you need all those resources that are powered by the immune system, to fight your corner and get you back to fighting fit again. I think it is counter-productive to soldier on and anyone who does as much, only has themselves to blame when they see themselves going back in terms of gains.

    Be kind to your body and make the most of the time on the sofa or in your bed. The only form of exercise that I sometimes think has any benefit while being ill, is sex.

  2. I agree! I know it can be challenging to be the throes of fitness, feeling strong and excited…and then stopped in your tracks by an illness. Its defeating. I always want to push through but it’s not safe. Let your body recover fully.

  3. Bummer! Hope you feel better soon!

    When I’m sick I take a break as long as I have a fever and feel tired. If it’s in my chest I rest. But if I feel okay and can breath and it’s not a fever and not in my chest, I might venture out. In the long run I’m all for rest and going by how I feel. I will never force myself out the door if I’m feeling down for the count.

  4. Take a break..won’t hurt. Just imagine if you never have the opportunity to work out, much less taking a break. Cheerio as you get better.

  5. Hope you get better soon and well before Christmas / busier times.

    You’re blogging so that alone is a good and one can see that you enjoy doing it.

    I don’t do much if I am running a fever. If it’s a mild sniffle, I still go for a short bike ride or walk: I have to, I don’t have a car.

    Then occur free personal stuff with other long time passions –art, blogging, reading. Um yea, should clean my home.

  6. Get well soon, Natalie! I just totally shut down for a few days. That way I get better faster and can get back to a somewhat regular routine between school, work and life in general.

  7. I recommend working with an acupuncturist, hopefully one who can also give you herbs, and following that practitioner’s advice on exercise. My acupuncturist is adamant about not exercising when you are sick. She says (as mentioned above as well) that your immune system needs all your energy for healing and recovery. Also as others have indicated, when you have something in your chest, you have to take special precautions – and in your case this seems even more urgent. Your long-term wellness is much more important than a few short-term workouts.

  8. tenacious mucus will be my words for the day…… lets see if I can work it into conversation!
    Actually – reflexology is superb for clearing the above mentioned mucus – I used it when pregnant and unable to take any decongestants, the relief was almost instantaneous!
    Hope you feel better soon

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