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Missing my bike

I’ve been away, busy, it’s been raining, and I’m not quite ready to ride in the dark.

For a whole slew of reasons, I’ve not been riding very much.

I miss my bike! I’m already reading over Coach Chris’s itinerary for spring training camp. I’m thinking about taking my bike to Florida when Jeff goes racing in the winter.

I’m looking with envy at friends’ riding and racing photos from Australia and New Zealand. Crit season on the other side of the world!

Soon there’ll be snow and I can ski and snow shoe and that has its own special place in my heart. Cycling will always be my first love, my main squeeze, but there’s room for snow sports too.

But for right now I’m in that funny time of year where I’m riding less, busy with school, and seriously missing my bike.

Do you have awkward times of year where nothing seems right? For me it’s definitely when it’s too dark and wet to ride much but there’s not yet snow for skiing.

3 thoughts on “Missing my bike

  1. When it comes to riding a bike that I have to peddle, any time of the year is awkward – uh – make that impossible! I’m 75 and have a bum heart. I’m an old fart, but with an attitude. I still ride my bike, but it’s a 400cc Burgman Suzuki motor scooter. I love it. Cruising down the road at 40, 50, 70 miles per hour and feeling the wind coursing over my bald head. Ain’t nothin’ like it!

    Why, I remember one time when I lived in Maryland. I rode all year long, no matter the weather. I was sitting at a traffic light when this Baltimore transit bus pulled up along side me. It was three degrees that particular day. The driver pulled open his window and said, “I bet you get awfully cold on that thing.” I replied, “not nearly as cold as I would be if I had to wait for you on some corner.” We both went our separate ways, chuckling on down the highway.

    When you ride, be careful. Like my Mom used to remind me when I’d leave the house to go to school, “Now remember, you’re not the only nut out there!” She was so right. Mothers are like that, yeah they are…


  2. Love this post– yes, I know the feeling. November is on its way, and it is the cruelest month (in my view) for the physically active– too dark to be able to ride much without lights, and no snow yet for the start of skiing. But it will be there, patiently waiting for you when it’s time to put it on the trainer… 🙂

  3. ugh I miss my bike too! It has had a flat for a week haha I definitely get bummed out in the winter when it gets dark early.

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