Missing my bike

I’ve been away, busy, it’s been raining, and I’m not quite ready to ride in the dark.

For a whole slew of reasons, I’ve not been riding very much.

I miss my bike! I’m already reading over Coach Chris’s itinerary for spring training camp. I’m thinking about taking my bike to Florida when Jeff goes racing in the winter.

I’m looking with envy at friends’ riding and racing photos from Australia and New Zealand. Crit season on the other side of the world!

Soon there’ll be snow and I can ski and snow shoe and that has its own special place in my heart. Cycling will always be my first love, my main squeeze, but there’s room for snow sports too.

But for right now I’m in that funny time of year where I’m riding less, busy with school, and seriously missing my bike.

Do you have awkward times of year where nothing seems right? For me it’s definitely when it’s too dark and wet to ride much but there’s not yet snow for skiing.

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