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Fall Family Fun

I was skeptical when my beloved Michel encouraged our sons to go with us on my birthday ride last weekend. The weather was glorious, hitting 20C on Oct 10, a great birthday gift.

hebert clan

We met up with  Bike Rally David, Sam and Victor.

birthday ride

We also scooped up Mallory as we left town. It would end up being Victor’s longest ride to date, a total of 70 km for him! Happy 22nd birthday Victor! I try to forgive him for being half my age, he is a lovely human after all.

About halfway through the ride my youngest son, Eric, got a flat. David and Michel got to work replacing his inner tube on the side of the road. A few kilometers later he got another flat so we called in the Calvary in the form of Sam’s partner Jeff, who collected my two guys around the 30 km mark. That was definitely Eric’s longest ride to date and he was a real trooper. The rest of us ended up covering about 60km together then eating yummy food at the end and heading our separate ways.

On Monday, Oct 12, my partner and I celebrated 20 years of togetherness by doing a little GPS art in our neighbourhood.

20 years

It was another gorgeous day but the wind was up. Our little 20 drawing took 20 minutes and was 20m of elevation, a fun little project sheltered in town. We then went on to visit friends, eat yummy food and generally have fun.

Had you asked these folks what they would be doing after 20 years they probably would not have recognized the life we have now. These kids were in the military and very certain of what the future would hold.


I’m certainly thankful that my celebrations include a lot more activity, a lot less alcohol (sorry liver!) and a lot more people who are supportive and lovely.

I’ve learned enough now not to even have the faintest idea of what the future will hold so I’m focusing on short term goals and letting the rest figure itself out.


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