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Is Aging a Lifestyle Choice? #tbt

You know how some people seem young at 50, and others much older, what if there were an element of choice about it all? What if we aged because we slowed down, rather than slowed down because of age? I’m still thinking about this. Here’s a post on the topic for a few years ago.


I’ve been reading, and really enjoying, Gretchen Reynolds’ book on exercise science, The First Twenty Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can: Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer.

Lots of it is fun but for those of us who follow exercise science in the media not really news.  I read Reynolds’ Phys Ed column in the New York Times and lots of the chapters cover in more detail, and with footnotes and references, material covered there. That’s fine. Nice to have it all in one place. High Intensity Interval Training beats out long, slow workouts. Yep. Chocolate milk is a better recovery drink than Gatorade. Yep. Exercise doesn’t help (much) in the quest to lose weight. Yep. Sad but true. OK, it gets worse. Massage after exercise–a cyclist’s favourite thing–doesn’t actually increase blood flow to muscles or help remove lactic acid to aid recovery. (Read about that sad result…

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2 thoughts on “Is Aging a Lifestyle Choice? #tbt

  1. I like this idea a lot! Obviously, we’re bound to slow down at some point or another, but the original post here makes me think of my dad.

    He’s quickly approaching 60, but he’s as active as ever. He runs, but he also loves working outside in his yard. He’s always busy trimming trees, fixing cars, building barns, etc. And since he retired from his desk job, he’s been working part-time at a job that keeps him on his feet all the time. A few months ago, he helped my brother-in-law get some firewood. My brother-in-law is a healthy, fairly fit (works out a few times a week) 20-something, and my dad completely wore him out. Poor guy went home exhausted. And my dad was fine– just a regular day.

    Now, my dad isn’t as able as he used to be. He has to be careful now with his knees, and he gets more aches and pains than he used to. But he is still going strong, and I think he continue to do so for years to come (bar illness or serious injury) because he just loves being active. It’s really inspiring!


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