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Celebrations in motion

I love the long weekend in October. For one thing, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving with yummy pumpkin pie, homemade cranberry sauce, carrots, yams and wild rice stuffing. We eat turkey and I just love how much food comes out of the effort, we eat like kings for days off one day’s work.

Second thing, Oct 10, today, is my birthday! YAY! I get to spend it cycling with my friend Victor who happens to celebrate his birthday today too. I told him people born on October 10th are perfect, we are 10/10. I’m 41 and feeling much better than last year.


Third thing, my wedding anniversary to Mr Twitchy is Oct 12. It’s looking like a gorgeous day so Mr Twitchy has planned something special, we are making GPS art on our bicycles. We’ve been a thing for 20 years so we are drawing a giant 20 using his Garmin. It’s saccharine sweet but very reflective about where we are at in our lives. We had talked about visiting Kingston, Ontario and touring the Royal Military college (the place we met). We talked about trips away, camping, but really many of those things were backward looking and it feels like we are ready to look forward.


It’s nice to think that in another twenty years we’ll be 60 and still cycling and doing other cool things. It struck me the other day that birthdays when we are young are often about motion. As a kid we went roller skating, bowling or swimming at the lake for those lucky summer birthdays. Winter was skating, sliding and skiing. Somewhere in puberty the things became movies or hanging out but at middle age I’ve definitely returned to celebrating by moving my body.

What do you do to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries?

6 thoughts on “Celebrations in motion

  1. Massage. I love a good spa day for my birthday. I think your GPS 20 is the most romantic and creative thing I’ve ever heard for a 20 union! I got rid of mine after 20, so you are very blessed. Congratulations on getting it all right the first time!

  2. Happy birthday 🎂, Happy Thanksgiving 🍗and Happy Anniversary 🎆🎇🎉! That’s one busy but happy weekend!

  3. Sometimes I feel like Amarante in “Milagro Beanfield War” when he gets up in the morning, looks at himself in the mirror and says, “Thank you God, for letting me see another day.”

  4. Like another person, I tend to eat more on birthday. Some years, I cycled the length of my birthday years.

    Somehow the thought of cycling 57 km. next year on my birthday in winter, seems far-fetched.

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