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Period Panties

So there I was, feeling crampy and ornery, when Sam sends me this link:
People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About.

They were talking about blood, specifically menstrual blood, and how not having ways to effectively capture that blood is important to gender equality and the eradication of global poverty. A quick search and you can find a lot of articles about global women’s health and access to sanitary supplies.

Here in Canada on July 1st the luxury sales tax is being removed from menstruation supplies. That always irked me, that tampons and pads were considered luxuries instead of necessities. I certainly don’t feel like my period is a luxury.

So I was thinking about writing this post, while I’m on my period walking to work last week when a woman approached  me downtown asking to borrow a pad. I could see her pants were wadded with paper. I didn’t explain that I was wearing a diva cup and luna panties:



I didn’t tell her that next month pads will cost slightly less. I simply said I didn’t have a pad and kept walking. I remembered wadding paper towel many a time in my underwear, it chafes, leaks, stains your underwear and pants. In one morning I had heard about some of the great ways women are employing strategies to keep their periods from interfering with their lives and I ran into a woman in London, Ontario that knew exactly why this is so important.

When I was a teen I learned that you didn’t wear your best panties when you were on your period, you picked the ratty ones with the holes, stains and slack elastic. GAH. Period panties. Now my period panties are the nicest underwear I own, comfy, great cut and any colour I want. I’m excited to hear that women around the world are redefining period panties to be ones that work for them, that are affordable, accessible and use local materials. I won’t say “have a happy period” but I will wish you, if you menstruate, perfect period panties that are nice to your private parts and that you feel good about wearing. Talk about periods with people, make it a public conversation because these things matter. Let’s get over the ick factor and change the conversation.

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  1. I ❤️this. Thanks for talking about something so important that affects 1/2 the human population. I agree, let’s get rid of the “ick” factor!

  2. Happy to hear you have tried them and liked them. I was really wondering about the comfort.

    1. They are SUPER comfy. I originally got a 2XL in the factory seconds and they are the best underwear I own. Period! Ha!

  3. I should go look for period panties too! And I’m glad we’re finally talking about menstruation. I’ve been writing about it as well! Menstruation needs to be demystified, period.

  4. I totally agree! It is so tragic that society tells us something so universal and natural a complete secret AND spend serious cash every year to deal with it.

    1. There’s a bunch of different types of reusable products available depending in where you live. Some folks are huge fans, others go back to disposables. I hope you find something that works for you!

  5. Great post. Some tough economic issues here. I remember making decisions about food versus menstrual supplies. And I’m still surprised when I see them given away. Even though I’m wealthy now I’m tempted to take some! They are never where they are needed. For example, our business school’s conference centre, Spencer Hall, has free tampons and pads in the women’s washrooms. Nice.

    1. And a big barrier to going reusable can be the initial cost. I have the privileged of being able to lay out $100 once every few years. When I used tampons and disposable pads it could cost up to $40 a month.

  6. YES!! I just blogged about how I was on my period while hiking Havasupai – it was the worst! And while I was worried about talking about it in my blog, I’m glad that I did! I even saw on my stats page that someone stumbled on to my post after searching “Havasupai on your period,” which means that I filled at least one person’s need for information! I just ordered some Thinx period panties since I had such a horrible experience while hiking. I think they are going to be life-changing. And that’s not hyperbole.

    Here’s what I posted:

  7. ❤️ this post, I have been actively bringing up periods in conversation with friends, especially male friends and asking them why they fear periods and helping them understand what our menstrual cycles actually are and how they are one of the most natural things in the world! Can’t wait for the day where women no longer live in shame of their natural bodies and are not paying an arm and leg for them too!

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