Taking Care of Ourselves: It’s Not Selfish! #tbt

As I worked on the book chapter about developing an attitude for a sustainable routine this morning, I thought of this post from over a year ago. We’re allowed to do things for ourselves that don’t have a lot of benefit for others! What’s on your list of things you do for no one but yourself? How do you feel about it? How do the people in your life feel about it? If you can pursue your interests without any feelings of guilt, congratulations! #tbt

4 thoughts on “Taking Care of Ourselves: It’s Not Selfish! #tbt

  1. This is such an important reminder. I feel guilty a lot when I’m trying to blog or write something, and it cuts into time that I spend with my husband. And I hate that I feel guilty about it – it would be different if I never got to see him, but we don’t have kids and we have similar work schedules, so we’re together A LOT. I am working on prioritizing my work and what I want out of life. And my husband, being the perfect man for me, recognizes this plight and actually booked a “writing getaway” for me for my birthday. It was awesome.

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