Exuberance and Why Busting a Few Moves with Confidence Is a Feminist Statement

Did anyone see this youtube video this week of three little girls dancing to Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT? If not, don’t skip past it — it’s worth every second of the 2 minutes and 47 seconds it takes to watch it.

I presume the middle girl is Johanna, and yes, she is channeling Aretha Franklin, big time.  We’re not all about posting cute videos on this blog. But this act just warmed my heart. They’re not perfectly in sync.  They don’t get the steps quite right (not even Johanna).

But it doesn’t matter at all because the ATTITUDE just oozes through without apology or self-consiousness. This girl learned to bust a few key moves and busts them with exuberance and confidence. And taking that attitude to the stage is what steals the show.

And that, to me, is a feminist statement because all too often we are cautious and careful. We think we need to do things perfectly.  We hold back for fear that people will judge us harshly (and sometimes they do). I’ve heard the “dance like no one is watching” thing before.

Do you think Johanna is dancing like no one is watching? Hell no. She is keenly aware that people are watching and she’s owning the show.

Here’s my hope: that when she is 10, 20, 30 and yes, even 50, Johanna is still owning the show.

4 thoughts on “Exuberance and Why Busting a Few Moves with Confidence Is a Feminist Statement

  1. Now, that is feminism. Children don’t know the difference at a young age. That little girl still thinks she runs the world. If only all women could feel that way.

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