As you know, there’s been a dog shaped hole in my life.

But no more.

Meet Cheddar, a twelve week old lab/husky rescue puppy who has joined our family. I first introduced him to the blog here.


Want more Cheddar photos? There are lots here.

Why the association between dogs and fitness? It’s a lifestyle thing. It’s not just that you have to walk a dog, this puppy sometimes twice a day or more. It’s not just that my stick and ball throwing arm is getting back in shape. And it’s certainly not about weight loss! See Do you have any idea? On walking with a new puppy.

But dogs remind me of how much joy there is in movement. There’s a friskiness in dogs that I love, a sense of play for play’s sake, a real sense of pleasure at being alive in the world. Sometimes I need reminding.

It’s also the complete and utter exuberant romping followed by serious sleep and flopping. They’re the original high intensity interval exercisers. I agree with Audrey, dogs are my fitness heroes.

I also love spending more time outside.

Let’s go Cheddar!

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