Superior Bikes apologizes!


For the original problem, see here

For the apology, see here.

For the new text, see here.

Thanks  Jan Skřička for the apology and for writing the new text. Much improved! All the comfort and leisurely riding with less of the gender essentialism.

Thanks Ekaterina for letting me know!

4 thoughts on “Superior Bikes apologizes!

  1. Much better…at least she was responsive to the suggestions. Nice, honest approach, and breath of fresh air. When I read the original post, I didn’t really take too much offense because I own a “ladies” bike, a Mia hybrid cruiser/road by REI. Having not ridden a bike in 30 years, I have been very happy with how this particular bike was marketed by REI. At 55 I am still pretty klutzy so having a step through works for me. No riding in skirts though, LOL!

  2. Although the text is now free of the most egregiously sexist and offensive bits, the apology is half-hearted, defensive and devoid of any actual understanding of what should have been learned here. There’s no real acknowledgement of the deep and corrosive sexism that drove the writing of the original text, only a bland concession of “stupid generalization”. Then it goes on in the usual way of these offenders, claiming no intention to offend women, which goes nowhere in service of exculpation. BTW, if anyone in charge there had half a brain, they wouldn’t have named the line “MTB Lady” in the first place. But I digress.

    Last point (although I could go on more): This person says ” I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding..” Again, this is a way to shift blame, not take responsibility. Nowhere do I see anything that explains to people that the author actually gets WHY and IN WHAT WAYS the original text was offensive. There’s no moment of “I get it now” and no assurance that now the author is an ally of women. The author is just trying to appease some angry women, who he wrote “would like to have me torn to pieces”. No, I just want you to either get a frigging clue or get another job.

  3. I think that the guy (I think in europe, Jan is a man’s name, not woman’s) behind the text of marketing materials apologized is a big step forward. While many a company has apologized for offensive ads, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an individual make mea culpas on behalf of his team/company. Although, as another commenter pointed out, it is a mealy apology at best.

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