Help a reader out? Looking for plus sized workout wear…..

A blog reader asks, ” I can’t find good workout clothing (ie trisuits, yoga pants, etc) in my plus size.  Where can I get some?”

Are you a plus sized endurance athlete? Where do you shop? What do you like?

I’d recommend checking out the Athena traithletes group on Facebook and also the Fit Fatties

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9 thoughts on “Help a reader out? Looking for plus sized workout wear…..

  1. My two favorite brands – Zella at Nordstrom and Champion at Target – both carry plus sizes. My biggest challenge is bras – Moving Comfort works for me, but some women need even more support.

  2. Wow, this has been my dilemma for the past few weeks! I teach group fitness but I am a bigger lady. I wear Old Navy a lot and still have a lot of their clothing!

  3. Old Navy is usually my go-to. I’m a size 20 and I fit in their XXL straight sizes (in stores). Junonia also has fantastic stuff, but are more expensive (they seem to last forever though!)

  4. I just recently started up a company for plus-sized women’s sportswear myself. Take a look at our website – – we only have a very small collection right now, but there’s new stuff coming this fall!

  5. I go to Addition Elle, the price point is a bit high but the quality is quite good.
    I’ve also snagged decent running tights and yoga pants at Wal-Mart.

    My best workout bra I got at a bra store and foolishly clipped out the tags without writing down the brand 🙁 that bad boy is engineered for awesomeness.

  6. I wear men’s basketball shorts and an assortment of athletic t-shirts (unisex cut, loose as possible) from different events. I’ve found some Champion bras that are good enough. I tried on some of the recommended sports bras for larger women, but they felt more uncomfortable to me. I’m okay with a little bounce, for as much as I run.

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