I love spring! But where are you spring?


Hate spring? How could you? I love spring.

I lament that it doesn’t last long enough. As much as allergies bother me, I love the gentle warmth and the gentle light of spring. Soon it will be hot and I’ll be running at night and early morning to avoid the heat. Spring doesn’t last very long in this part of the world. It’s one day snow, the next day hot.

It hit 20 C last week and a friend posted, “I hear Montreal spring was lovely this year. Too bad I missed it while I was in the shower.”

And it also goes back and forth between hot and cold. I’m writing this in a coffee shop in Toronto on the way back between trying on my Friends for Life Bike Rally jersey (please sponsor me!) and catching the train home to London. It’s windy, rainy, 4 degrees, with some chance of “snow flurries.” The forecasts say that at this time of year, as if there were other sorts of flurries.

I’m hoping to ride my bike tomorrow. I’m thinking again about spring riding and limits. Rain? Yes. Cold? Yes. Windy? Yes. But the combo? No way. We’re hoping for cold and calm and sunny.

Spring makes me so very happy. And I’m not alone. See How Warm Weather Influences Our Mood, According To Science if you want actual evidence!



4 thoughts on “I love spring! But where are you spring?

  1. Yes. I felt like that little dude today when I looked out the window and saw…[sniff]…snow falling [please hand me a kleenex].

  2. I love Spring, too. But I wanna feel that how is snow, cause I live in Vietnam, and there’s not snow here :sosad:

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