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Kate Wiggins on getting fit at 61!

Kate Wiggins
Kate Wiggins

by Kate Wiggins

I turned 61 late last year and it was painfully apparent to me that if I didn’t get going I would atrophy by 65. This sobering notion was brought home to me by my second metatarsal on my left foot that fractured from something as mundane as walking, how embarrassing!

So, I joined a gym! Not some mamby pamby gym, but a kinda smelly, oh my god you can do that with your body gym. And here I am two and a half months later, with the coach from the dark place, who rides my butt relentlessly. I can’t say I am in shape yet but magically I am developing something called a core and miraculously I have a teeny shred of muscle definition. I do not walk in and own the gym but it now owns me. I try to get in 3 times a week and now I can dead lift 85 pounds and instead of being unable to do squats I squat away! My goal is to row 2400 meters in under 6 minutes and to do one totally unaided push up. I am also doing yoga weekly ah yes, with the sweetest human in the world, and love the sun salutation sequence. Getting fit at 61 isn’t so bad after all and it feels fantastic to actually have sweat pouring down your face now I even get the headband thing.

Kate Wiggins manifests her passion for the world through her work at Women’s Community House. She grandmothers three little girls and supports her aging Mom. She has the loving support of her partner and many beautiful women who inspire her daily.

9 thoughts on “Kate Wiggins on getting fit at 61!

  1. Oh we need to get you some feminist sweat bands. Jessica can help you out!
    I love you writing style 🙂 thank you for sharing and the smiles.

  2. WHat a great post. It makes me want to get back to the weight training. Thanks for being our guest! And good luck with the training.

  3. The moment you get the headband thing is the moment you realise you are serious about working out! I love it. Really hits home. Good on you for owning your injuries in such a constructive way!

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