I won a bike!

Well, a used bike. But a bike!

I felt a little bit guilty winning, I have to say. I already have a bike or two. But I will use it and it’s great to have spares around for visitors, new post docs, grad students, etc.

How many bikes is too many?  Well, I have a cyclocross bike, a new road bike, an older road bike that’s for sale, and a track bike. I did have half shares in a mountain bike I was sharing with my teenage son but it was stolen this year. There was another Cannondale hybrid I liked to ride (but so too did my spouse) and that was also stolen. There’s other bikes too I’d to my dream fleet.

So I’ve kind of had my eye out for an around town, winter riding bike. This will do the trick nicely.

I won as part of EnviroWestern’s annual Refill to Win campaign. When you refill a travel mug at an on-campus eatery, you receive a ballot for a contest. 1.6 billion disposable coffee cups end up in Canadian landfills every year and lots of them come from Tim Horton’s environmental disaster of a promotion, roll up the rim to win. I have a travel mug on campus and during the competition they keep offering me a paper cup in addition so that I can play. No thanks!

The bike came from Western’s Purple Bikes and the prize included lights, bell, helmet, and a membership in the co-op. (“Purple Bikes is a non-profit cycling co-operative where anyone and everyone can access affordable bicycle rentals and parts, as well as free advice and training. Our mission is to promote cycling in the London community as cycling is the most economical, healthy, and environmentally friendly way to get around.)




2 thoughts on “I won a bike!

  1. I like your new bike — great colour! I also like the idea of Purple Bikes. And the fact that I didn’t know about the refill to win campaign just goes to show that I didn’t buy a single beverage on campus during roll up the rim! I’ll have to remember about refill to win next year! Congrats on your new bike!

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