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Back to walking to work

It’s still quite cold in London, Ontario but the sidewalks are dry and clear and the past two weeks I’ve been walking to work. I know from my time using a Fitbit that my walking commute is the best way to get daily exercise in. I’m lucky, driving takes 10 minutes, walking 30 so I really don’t need to change much to make those steps happen. My feet and hips are aching a bit, I look like an evil garden gnome AND I’m very glad to be getting back to walking to work. Yay spring! 


13 thoughts on “Back to walking to work

  1. So timely. I want to walk (or bike, or skate) to work, but there is always some excuse not to. Most common is I have another errand to run further from home, but also the weather… Thursday I set out to actually do it. I was about 10 houses from home and I heard crying behind me, “wait! Wait! Mrrrrwait!!” It was my cats running to catch up. I pet them and set off down the road, but the same thing happened again. I was then at the end of our street and didn’t want them going further, so we walked back home.

    It’s a funny story, but I didn’t need another excuse.

    1. It’s tough to make it happen, I agree. Sometimes I need my car for work or the timings for the evening are quite tight. Maybe picking one or two days a week for errands or designating them walking days would help?

  2. Good for you! You are inspiring me to think about something similar. It’s a long walk to work for me (6 miles) but I could pull out my bicycle again, with the weather getting better again.

    1. My commute is only a bit over a mile but cycling to work is great for your distance! It’s surprising how much activity you include in your day when you bike or walk to work 🙂

  3. Yes, very encouraging post! and I want me some of those leggings. Seriously…

  4. Hello Natalieh, In the midst of doing a search with criteria, “funny stories about walking to work,” I found your blog and it’s great! My website, is a place (currently only for US women but hoping to expand) where women come to find a walking partner(s) and to be inspired to get outside and walk. My search is prompted by the Walk to Work initiative beginning this Friday, April 3rd, continuing on through the month of April. I was looking for some inspiration for women to post on our website, FB, twitter, what have you. We also have a section called Shine The Light spotlighting the Extraordinary in us Ordinary women. May I spotlight you? May I quote your blog to share the fun (and your photo 🙂 in walking?
    Thanks so much.

  5. I have to walk to work/take LRT since I haven’t yet returned to cycling because of my healing head injury.

    I’m car-free in Calgary. So no excuses,….ever. Even here this spring in Vancouver, since we don’t have a car either, we’re taking a little water boat shuttle across the creek, walking or taking transit. TIme enjoy the cherry blossoms!

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