The tyranny of choosing and my happy Saturday sweater

There’s lots to love about Saturdays in my life.

Let’s start with the later than usual beginning. My Aikido club runs a kids’ class 9 to 10, an open adult class 10 to 11, and then a second hour, for coloured belts only, from 11-12. I usually arrive midway through the kids class and catch up with Aikido friends on the side of the mats. Then it’s time for the adults to play.

Whee! Thump!

After Aikido, I go to lunch with friends and family. Often the market, sometimes Edgar and Joes cafe, sometimes Organic Works. All well known local haunts with food to keep vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores happy.

Then shopping and errands, some weekend chores, and maybe even a nap. In the summer there might even be a late afternoon bike ride.

It’s a well worn routine that works.

I was reading this piece the other day on lifestyle minimalism and finding the perfect breakfast.

I was 31 when I figured out breakfast, and after that life’s overall difficulty level declined a bit.

Every month I buy a bag of bulk steel-cut oats, a bag of trail mix and a six-pound bag of Royal Gala apples. Every morning I make a heaping half-cup of the oats and cut an apple into slices. About six months ago I added a cup of Ceylon tea to that.

That’s breakfast every day now. I used to keep my options open, figuring that going with what I “feel like” in the moment is going to naturally lead to a more appropriate, fulfilling breakfast experience.

After years of being confronted with a decision shortly after waking, I decided to be done with deciding what was for breakfast. My usual is now the only thing on the menu, and since I stopped deciding what’s for breakfast, mornings have had a significantly different feel. They are clearer and more spacious.

It reminded me that part if what I liked about Saturdays is the routine. It’s routine even down too what I wear. Yes, the Aikido uniform. But after that jeans or yoga pants, maybe my sparkly converse, and a fan t-shirt.


T-shirt choices:

Where are my minions? (Thanks David.)
Don’t make me use my philosopher’s voice. (Thanks Sally.)
Or one of my aikido t-shirts. Or a firefly shirt.

But then always my Saturday sweater. It’s fuzzy and warm and feels like the weekend. I almost never wear it to work. It feels too relaxed somehow. You can pretty much guess what day it is in photos if I’m wearing that sweater.

I like new things. It’s true. I crave and enjoy travel and adventure. New foods and new people.

But sometimes happiness is just about finding what works and going with it. I like knowing what I’m doing on Saturdays when I’m in London. Right down too what I’m going to wear.

(I think I was prompted to write this when I realized I’m away every weekend in February, March and all but one in April. I might have to pack my Saturday sweater! )

Happy Saturday sweater with bonus silly hats!



2 thoughts on “The tyranny of choosing and my happy Saturday sweater

  1. Nice and cozy post for a cozy Saturday! Love the Saturday sweater– both the object and the idea. I have a light purple fleece pullover with a kangaroo pocket and hood that is my post-activity standby for all sports and all temps below 65F (18ish C). It’s comfy and signifies relaxation.

    What do other people wear as their standard perfect something-or-other? Just curious.

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