Aikido, I’ve missed you

I did something unusual for me this week: Aikido Friday night with the Western Aikido Club and then just 12 hours later, I was on my way to the AikiBudo Centre for Saturday morning training.

Why so much Aikido in a 24 hour period? Simple. I’d missed it. Aikido isn’t my first love. That’s cycling. But these days it’s a pretty close second. I like rolling around on the mats and I’ve missed the physical contact. (See Touch me/Don’t touch me.)

It’s interesting when you catch a winter cold what goes and what stays. I haven’t been running outside. When I have a cold, sore throat, and a cough that’s the last thing I feel like doing. All that cold air in my lungs? No thanks.

Aikido is less physical and it’s warm in the dojo but I stayed away because of contact and germs. There’s a lot of touching in Aikido and I’d hate to make someone else ill.

But it was clear from just how much fun I had Friday night that I’d missed it a lot.

Whee! Thump!


And at Western I was even the most senior student there so I had to call the bow in, shomen-ni-rei. My first time ever.


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