Cold snowy nights, hot yoga, sweaty trainer sessions, and the hot tub


That’s my backyard (above). It’s official.

Winter is here….there’s no more denying it. Yes, I know that calendar winter doesn’t start till the third week of December, still winter the season has arrived. Looks like there are negative high temperatures every day in the week ahead. – 4 C as the high for the day? -11 as the overnight low? Feels like -16? Really? Really? In November? Snow flurries too.

(Photo credit: Friend, student and fellow cyclist Steph B.)
Photo credit: Friend, student and fellow cyclist Steph B.

Mostly for me, it’s a period of giving up the activity I love the most, road cycling, but there are some things I like about winter and I’ve been reminded of them this week.

  • Hot Yoga: I’m not generally a big yoga fan but I love getting hot, sweaty, and stretchy in hot yoga. There’s a small studio just a few blocks from my house and they opened a larger location downtown. Great instructors. I often think, once it gets really cold, that I could just move into the hot yoga room. Love you Yoga Shack!


  • Getting Sweaty: Lots of women say that getting sweaty puts them off exercise. Not me. But there is something especially lovely about getting sweaty when the alternative is shivering. I bought a trainer this year. I already have rollers. Coach Chris Helwig has designed a training program for me to do on the trainer and we’re getting together once a week with five other people for a trainer class he’s co- leading with Cheryl of Happy is the New Healthy.image
  • Cross Country Skiing: I love being outside in the woods. For most of the year that means hiking but come winter, I strap on my cross country skis and zoom through the snow. It’s lovely to be outside in the cold and not be cold. Love cross country skiing and want to do more of it in the coming year, especially with my partner, Jeff.image
  • My Hot Tub: This was a big surprise. For years Jeff had been trying to talk me into a backyard hot tub. Last year as part of a major kitchen and deck reno, I agreed. I’m totally in love. It extends the use of our backyard right through the winter. There’s something very wonderful about sitting in the bubbly hot water and cold snowy nights, wstching the stars.

Enjoy an album of snowy hot tub photos here. The one pictured below isn’t mine but you get the idea.

For more ideas see Seven Winter Cycling Options.


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