Cold snowy nights, hot yoga, sweaty trainer sessions, and the hot tub


That’s my backyard (above). It’s official.

Winter is here….there’s no more denying it. Yes, I know that calendar winter doesn’t start till the third week of December, still winter the season has arrived. Looks like there are negative high temperatures every day in the week ahead. – 4 C as the high for the day? -11 as the overnight low? Feels like -16? Really? Really? In November? Snow flurries too.

Photo credit: Friend, student and fellow cyclist Steph B.

Mostly for me, it’s a period of giving up the activity I love the most, road cycling, but there are some things I like about winter and I’ve been reminded of them this week.

Enjoy an album of snowy hot tub photos here. The one pictured below isn’t mine but you get the idea.

For more ideas see Seven Winter Cycling Options.

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