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Sam bench presses a young, male puma

You’ll recall from this post that it can be fun to measure weight in animals. For the record, I weigh about 3.4 wombats.

Photo of a puma. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

In the same spirit, I can bench press a young, male puma. Well, not really. Likely he’d be all wriggly and sharp clawed and would growl at me. But according to this that’s the equivalent in weight animal I’m picking up and putting down with authority. I was amused to find the calculator on Rebecca K’s Facebook wall this morning. She can lift a Wildebeest, it turns out. Who knew?

On my post about deadlift day I was amused to see that I could easily deadlift a black bear and that I’m on my way I hope to someday deadlifting a panda.

How about you? What animal are you picking up and putting down with authority?