How many wombats do you weigh?

It started when Carly posted that pounds can die in a fire. From now on she only cares about weight in sloths.

Loved the link. It’s a ‘your weight in animals’ calculator. Go look! Go go!

I quickly told the world that I weigh 3.4 wombats. I love wombats!

(2008) Lousy photo of me but the wombat looks great! So warm and cuddly. These were orphans whose mums had been hit by cars so they raise them and release them into the wild. Once they turn into surly teenage wombats they stop wanting to cuddle and they get them ready for release.

Friends chimed in.

They weigh: .72 dolphins, 9.1 million ants, 3.1 clouded leopard, 8.7 Bolivian Red Howler Monkeys, 33,700 hummingbirds, 4.6 goats, and 0.3 dugongs.

 I love thinking in terms of animal weights! Here’s a post on lifting bears.




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