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To women from all over the world, on Equal, a Spotify playlist.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Canada WNBA Game

“The WNBA is heading to Toronto for the first-ever WNBA Canada Game, featuring a preseason matchup between the Minnesota Lynx and the Chicago Sky on May 13th at Scotiabank Arena at 4 p.m. ET. Hoop, there it is, baby!”


“Join the 2022 the womens field as they take on the highland trail 550, a 550 mile, self supported bikepacking race in the scottish highlands. The route is rugged and technical, with lots of river crossing and steep climbing. The scenery is stunning though and makes the journey so worthwhile. The scottish weather is always fickle and it didnt give the riders an easy time. I wanted this film to show a different side of ultra racing, reflecting the variety or riders and not just focussing on those chasing podiums or records. Every rider who starts has a valid story regardless of result or finishing time, and there are many different ways to complete an ultra. Success might be getting to the startline, having juggled kids and a full time time job to get there. The film was made with permission and guidance from Alan Goldsmith, the route creator and race director.”



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Listen to SELF magazine’s spring workout playlist

Spring workout playlist

Read this article in the Atlantic

“Lifting weights has turned working out from a penance that I resent into something more like a science experiment—what can my body do if I invest in it? Can I pick up my own body weight? (I can.) Can I get my suitcase into the overhead bin without help? (You betcha.) Can I get rid of my constant shoulder pain from being a professional computer gremlin? (Sort of—but you still need an ergonomic desk setup, kids!) Can I quiet the voices telling me the only reason to move my body is to make it smaller? (Yes—not all the time, but more than I ever dreamed was possible.) Thanks to weight lifting, I’ve found a new and honestly revelatory relationship to exercise and to my body in my 30s—and Johnston’s writing was my gateway.”

A Voice of Reason in the Workout World
Entertainment musts from Julie Beck

By Kelli María Korducki, The Atlantic

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Read more about it at Bicycling Magazine

“Due out this summer, The Engine Inside follows six people from around the world, and their lives with bikes. Through each character’s story, the film uncovers the often-overlooked potential of the bike. The film explores the impact bikes have on such global issues as physical and mental health, socio-economic inequality, infrastructure, and climate change.”

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The Myth of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Virginia reads Chapter 1 of FAT TALK.

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Krista Scott Dixon, The First Rule of the Fast Club (on her Stumptuous Blog) It’s from 2012 but it’s still one the best things I’ve read about intermittent fasting. Fasting is in the news a lot these days (again!) and if you’re curious, go have a look.

Nutrition Research Forgot About Dads
When it comes to their influence on kids’ eating habits, dads are far less studied than moms. But they may leave just as big a mark. (The Atlantic)

“One 2018 study of 658 parents by Yale researchers found that although nearly everyone (93 percent) demonstrated some sort of weight bias, fathers, as well as parents of any gender with the perceived privilege of “healthy weight,” were more likely than mothers to agree with negative statements such as “Severely obese children are unusually untidy” (findings on the differences between mothers’ and fathers’ food parenting vary). Other research concluded that fathers with more education and a higher family income were more likely than other fathers to endorse fat stereotypes. And kids absorb this stigma: Adolescents were more likely to diet and binge eat if their parents talked about weight, according to a 2013 survey published in JAMA Pediatrics of 2,793 kids.”

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“Canada’s Kelsey Mitchell won gold in the women’s sprint finals on the second day of competition at the UCI Track Nations Cup on Saturday in Milton, Ont., collecting her second medal in as many days.

The 29-year-old from Sherwood Park, Alta., was matched up with Colombia’s Martha Bayona in a best-of-three final, already guaranteed more hardware a day after finishing second in the women’s team sprint alongside compatriots Lauriane Genest and Sarah Orban.” From CBC.

Sarah and I dropped in to the velodrome Saturday night to watch some of the racing. It was pretty exciting seeing riders from all over the world, racing all the different track race formats, and lots of women. I couldn’t stay very long. I’m still very much recovering from knee surgery. But it was pretty exciting viewing and it felt great to get out of the house. If you haven’t watched bike racing at the velodrome, I recommend it.

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There’s a new fit and feminist podcast in town!

#34 The benefits of journaling and getting started

The Fit and Feminist Podcast


Our books club is starting soon! Do you have your copy?

“The co-host of Maintenance Phase and creator of Your Fat Friend equips you with the facts to debunk common anti-fat myths and with tools to take action for fat justice.

The pushback that shows up in conversations about fat justice takes exceedingly predicable form. Losing weight is easy—calories in, calories out. Fat people are unhealthy. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Fat acceptance “glorifies obesity.” The BMI is an objective measure of size and health. Yet, these myths are as readily debunked as they are pervasive.

In “You Just Need to Lose Weight,” Aubrey Gordon equips readers with the facts and figures to reframe myths about fatness in order to dismantle the anti-fat bias ingrained in how we think about and treat fat people. Bringing her dozen years of community organizing and training to bear, Gordon shares the rhetorical approaches she and other organizers employ to not only counter these pernicious myths, but to dismantle the anti-fat bias that so often underpin them.

As conversations about fat acceptance and fat justice continue to grow, “You Just Need to Lose Weight” will be essential to ensure that those conversations are informed, effective, and grounded in both research and history.”


“When the filmmaker Azza Cohen asked her grandmother to star in a documentary, she knew she wanted to tell a story of an older person not looking back at her life but forward. Cohen’s short film “FLOAT!” follows her 82-year-old bubbe as she checks off one of the items on her bucket list—learning how to swim.”

Float: A Grandma Learns to Swim