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What month is your personal “January”?

January is far too full of “new year, new you.” It’s chock to the rafters with dreary diet resolutions and it’s already not a great month to begin with. Lots of people have been throwing around other suggested starting dates for new fitness goals and plans. December has often resonated with me. I have a bit more free time and the gym is basically empty.

Here on the blog we’ve tried making the case for a few different starting months.

So is December the best month for new fitness plans?

See december is the new january

December 1st or January 1st? I know which I choose

Or maybe it’s November?

Sam’s five November resolutions

The case for September

September is the real “new year” – what does this mean for your routines?

Happy New Year! (September is the new year for academics)

On back to school and starting as you mean to continue

Or maybe it’s February?

Maybe February is the new January: a case for showing up (late) to the challenge party

Starting the New Year today

January is fired as the month to start new things. It’s all about February now! Join us…

Resolutions pinned to a tree. Photo by Unsplash.

How about you? Which month is your fave for re-upping your fitness commitment?

Let us know what you think....