December 1st or January 1st? I know which I choose


Tomorrow is December 1st and for lots of serious cyclists that marks the start of the return to serious training after a more relaxed autumn.

Cycling coach Chris Helwig posted on Facebook, “Tomorrow is December 1st. Historically, especially when I used to race seriously, December 1st would mark the end of the off season and the start of more diligent and structured training for the next season. The start of December is a great time to start training harder for the next season assuming you didn’t have a really hard Cross season. Gives you a head start ahead of the holidays to build some base and fitness.”

There’s lots to like about that. I love having a fitness focus during the holidays. It feels better to me than facing January 1st after a month of indulgence.

I also have a more relaxed schedule once classes end and a bit of extra time to put towards fitness.

It’s not that I want to avoid all the holiday good stuff, the food, the presents, and the music. This isn’t a December 1st diet resolution.

In fact, it’s not a resolution at all. Think of it more as the change in seasons and change in focus. In the rhythm of the cycling year December 1st is the start of getting serious about training. I like that thought.