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Sam, her new knees, and her Muppet dance moves, survive Zumba


Well, I resolved to try a new class at the gym, possibly Zumba. And I did. And it was Zumba.

OMG. That was hard. But also a lot of fun.

On the hard side, wow, there is just no way for me to keep up with those dance moves. It was pretty complicated (for me) choreography and very fast paced.

But, and here’s the fun part, I spent so much time concentrating on the dance moves that the time flew by. Also, I don’t think anyone–except maybe two or three people in the class–could really keep up. It was also the most diverse group of women I’ve seen at my fancy new gym. It was all women even though the class was in the coed fitness studio.

It helped that it was dark, with flashing lights, and really all eyes were on the instructor.

When I got completely lost I just danced and that was fun too. And when it got extra complicated I either concentrated on the foot moves or the arm moves, but not both. I told the instructor at the beginning of the class about my knee surgery so if I was modifying anything she’d know why. That said, I really didn’t need to modify anything for knee reasons, just for complicated dance move reasons.

I did need the class to go about half the speed it was going. I think I need seniors’ Zumba or maybe just beginners’ Zumba. After I chatted with the instructor about how challenging it was. She reassured me that I did fine and said, “Well, you’ve got some moves.” Muppet dance moves!

Will I go back? YES!!! Will I also practice some beginner Zumba at home? Also, YES!!!

Question: Are you a Zumba fan? How on earth do you keep up? Advice appreciated!

Let us know what you think....