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Sam is learning to move, but move gently, when sick

I’ve been sick for awhile now. I worked from home October 16th, and went to the doctor’s for the first time October 20th. I wrote about emerging from the lurgy on the 23rd but clearly that was premature.

Since then I’ve been back to the doctor’s office twice. I’ve had two sets of chest x-rays.

It’s a bronchial thing, post-viral, and best as they can tell, not pneumonia, but I have antibiotics and inhalers. I’ve been working from home at about 60% of my usual pace to allow for naps.

The last time I was sick with the persistent cough thing was 2017. I even blogged about it. Before that it was 2012 in New Zealand where Mallory and I shared a nasty cough for a month.

I’m good at being sick-sick like I actually rest, and I don’t try to work, but it’s more challenging when you’re getting better but not there yet. I’ve been thinking about this in the context of physical activity. With two newish knees, I don’t have the option of just working and resting; I also need to keep moving. I can’t really miss physio.

I’ve been trying to move, but slowly and gently. I’ve got the support of a terrific physiotherapist and personal trainer, who understand that I need to keep moving but preferably in a way that doesn’t bring on coughing fits.

Here’s what my workouts for last week (as recorded in the 223 workouts in 2023 group look like:

➡Physio at clinic

➡Dog walk

➡Home from work still recovering from this post viral, bronchial infection, but forgot to cancel personal training. Went and we did a gentle hour of mobility work and lighter weights and lots of stretching. I will nap this afternoon but it did feel good to move.

➡At home physio

➡Dog walk

➡Zwift, gentle 20 km

I’m sleeping more than usual. And walking less. Here’s my Garmin report on the last seven days.

You might wonder what the stress level number means. Here’s the breakdown: 0–25: Resting state ; 26–50: Low stress ; 51–75: Medium stress ; 76–100: High stress.

So, an average of 26 is a pretty low stress. Thanks to the College’s two associate deans for helping with the stressful stuff.

Today I finally started to feel more like myself. I’m coughing less and the sun was shining.

Cheddar was happy to have a long walk.

A sunny day dog walk

I’m back in the office this week. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Sam is learning to move, but move gently, when sick

  1. Glad you’re taking it slower during the recovery from this dreadful viral mess. I’m a week behind you, at a conference, but also taking it easier. Imagine a cough-free future– hopefully soon!

  2. So glad you are making yourself take your time, letting your body heal as it needs to. It’s great that you are feeling better!

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