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Sam’s five November resolutions

I know, it’s a bit late for November resolutions but I’ve been sick and November is off to a rough start.

1️⃣ I will go for a short walk after each meal–that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What’s short? 10 minutes.

2️⃣ I will put my anti-SAD lamp on when I get to my office for 20 minutes. (I have the best less expensive lamp on this list.)

3️⃣ I will practice some of my physio kneeling exercises and getting up from the ground every morning and every evening.

4️⃣ I will complete my November cycling challenge that’s a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

5️⃣ And I will try one new class at the gym. Possibly Zumba. I think I need some dancing in my life right now!

Dancing Muppets

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