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Oh, August. Can we panic now?

There are first day of school photos in my social media newsfeed already. People! Geesh. Why do Americans start school so early?

But then there’s my own life. My 59th birthday is fast approaching. It’s the last day of August. My September calendar is getting pretty full. I’m thinking about a back to school haircut.

Yes, I’m on vacation this week. But the week after is a senior leadership retreat at the university, where retreat doesn’t mean we go anywhere. But it is a very big serious meeting about plans and priorities for the coming academic year.

I’m starting to have that panicky feeling that the end of summer is very much in sight. Ack!

Tonight sunset is 8:28 pm.

Now it’s normal to feel this way in August, especially for a university professor. I won’t tell you about all the writing I haven’t finished. That’s another story.

But this year, I feel the end of summer panic especially intensely. This year has been so much recovery from surgery and so much physio that there’s lots I haven’t done. Between work and physio, it’s been a very busy serious few months.

What exactly haven’t I done?

‣ I haven’t ridden my bike very far at all. No century rides for me this summer.

‣ I haven’t been out sailing in our Snipe. No Snipe racing for me this year.

‣ I haven’t gone back county canoe camping.

‣ I haven’t spent even a single day at the beach.

‣ This was also a summer of no European conferences. It’s been a while. First, no travel because of the pandemic and then no travel because of knee woes, knee surgery, and recovery.

‣ This is connected to the first point, but there’s also been no bike trips.

‣ And there are so many friends I’d like to hang out with on patios, but I am already saying, well, maybe next year.

Summer time flies by so fast.

And I haven’t even mentioned the weather and how much rain there’s been. The poor drenching wet bike rally!

Here’s three positive thoughts though.

First, focusing on my knees has been successful. I’ve been a dedicated physio patient. I’m back in the gym. And recovery is going very well. So it has been a summer of big effort and discipline but in the long run that will serve me well.

Second, summer isn’t over yet. My mum and I have a day trip planned for this week, and Sarah, mum, and I are taking all three dogs for a weekend away to visit my youngest child, Miles. It’s warm enough to enjoy the outdoors well into September and October. The very warm summer weather means that fall may be well be the best season for riding bikes.

Third, I think this year it’s okay to be making plans for next summer already. They say to allow a full year for each knee to recover from surgery. Knee #2 was April 10. So next spring and summer, I’ll be good to go knee wise. I’m hoping to travel and see a bit more of the world.

How do you feel about August and end of summer anxiety? What helps you cope?

Let us know what you think....