#ThreeGoodThings, the mulch edition

Back story, part 1: Lately I’ve been feeling the need for gratitude in my life. It’s been rough going family wise and work wise. So I’ve been taking a few minutes every morning to mark three good things in my life.

Back story, part 2: For awhile my mother and I have been asking stronger, ‘less restricted by knee surgery recovery’ family members to get mulch from our backyard to the front yard. The house is on a steep hill. It seems like the sort of task that younger or stronger people might take on. But we’re all leading very busy lives. I get it.)

Today mum and I decided to see if we could get the mulch from the bag into wheelbarrow ourselves. Working together, we succeeded. A good thing.

In my personal training at Movati I’ve been pushing and pulling a weighted sled. I’ve gotten up to 100 lbs. The result was zero problem pushing the loaded wheelbarrow up the hill. Good thing number 2.

The first real obstacle we encountered was getting it over the curb of the front yard. And then I heard a neighbour, “Sam, you need help with that? I’ve had ankle surgery. I know what it’s like.” And so together the neighbour and I got the full wheelbarrow over the curb. Thanks neighbour. That was the third good thing.

Functional fitness FTW!

Our backyard smokebush
Summer coneflowers

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