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I’m back on my bike and smiling about it!

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I had my first knee replacement at the end of August 2022 and my second knee replacement April 11th, 2023. Now ten months later, I’m back on my road bike.

Saturday and Sunday Sarah and I rode our usual short 25 km Guelph loop. It’s the one I often ride before work in the summer. Of special note to philosophers, this route features Hume Road.

Hume Road

Sunday’s ride ended with a stop at the Good Games at the University of Guelph. It looked like a fun event for masters’ athletes. The sports are beach volleyball, pickelball, basketball, slopitch or a five or ten km trail run. For us, it was just a lunch stop at the food trucks after our bike ride.

Here we are on Hume Road again.

I’m hoping to get out most weekends and gradually increase my distance, as well as my speed.

Wish me luck!

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