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Sam is channeling her inner Jolien

I’ve started riding my road bike again and things are going okay. But for the first time I’m having some difficulties getting on and off my bike. It’s a big swing getting your leg over while balancing on the other foot.


Some people switch to easier to ride bikes with step through frames after knee surgery but I’m determined that’s not going to be me. I may not look particularly graceful but I’m making it work.

Catherine blogged about our newest sports hero Jolien Boumkwo, the Belgian shotputter who ran the hurdles to save her team from being disqualified. I’m trying to channel her energy as I struggle to step over my bike frame.

In addition to channeling her energy, I’m also doing some exercises at physio specifically to help me step over the frame. Here’s a great video of the kind of mobility work I’m doing.

Of course, I could always try more novel ways of mounting and dismounting my bike.

6 thoughts on “Sam is channeling her inner Jolien

  1. I love a step-through and wouldn’t consider anything else. I know I can sling my leg high when I have to (eg for getting on my horse), but I panic when trying to do the same motion to get on my bike. Brains can be weird. Hope you get it figured out!

    1. Interesting. Some of the exercises I’m doing for this are also for equestrians. We have a saddle at my physio clinic on a post that people can use for practice. Luckily I can tilt the frame of the bike. No tilting the horses!

  2. My legs are short & I am strong but inflexible, so I have lots of issues with that. My road bike is actually good since it’s light & I can just lean it towards me to reduce the step-over height. My biggest problem is touring; not so easy to tilt a bike with loaded panniers, plus the panniers add to the width my old leg must cross. As long as I can find a nice, stable place to do it, I can face the bike & work my foot over the top tube. Fortunately, I am old enough not to be too self-conscious about how silly I must look…

    Step-through bikes are fine, but wouldn’t be as good for the long rides you do. They’re heavier & have less gears, usually, more designed for short, errandy rides.

    You’ll figure it out!

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