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Summer Fun! Finally!

A few days after I wrote my post about pretending that it was summer, the weather changed and it started getting warmer.

Now, I’m not saying that my post was a magic spell or anything but I think you can draw your own conclusions there.

Ahem…let’s carry on with today’s post.

The weather hasn’t been evenly delightful, we’ve still had a few cold days and a few rainy ones but, overall, we’ve been trending toward summer.

And today (Monday), I was able to do TWO of my most important summer activities – hiking and swimming.

My husband, my brother-in-law, and my 20 year old nephew and I went for an hour-long hike on the East Coast Trail this morning.

It was tough in some places but even in the challenging spots it was wonderful to be outside in the warm weather, moving happily along the trail.

A selfie of the author with the ocean and cliff in the background
I couldn’t see the phone screen when I took this so I didn’t realize that I looked a bit disgruntled, I am far happier than I look here. Image description; A selfie with the ocean in the background with a cliff in the distance. I’m wearing a white shirt, brown sunglasses and my hair is pulled back with a bandana. I’m smirking a little and I am kind of red in the face – it was hot out today!

This afternoon, we drove to a swimming hole about half an hour away and I had a marvellous time swimming and then floating on my back looking at the sky.

It was peaceful and cool – even with a bunch of kids goofing around nearby scaring each other with the idea that they had seen an eel in the water. (There probably wasn’t an eel, there was a bunch of vegetation at the bottom and some of it was pretty eel-like.)

A photo of the author in chest-deep water.
In order to be close enough for a clear picture, I had to stand in ankle-deep mud and vegetation, hence the smile that’s almost a grimace. Again, I’m having way more fun that it looks like. Image description: I’m standing in chest-deep water, wearing a black swim shirt, a black bandana, and brown sunglasses. I’m smiling but it’s a bit of a strange smile like I’m a little uncomfortable because, in the moment, the slimy vegetation was creeping me out a bit.

I felt so relaxed and delighted just to be there in the water, especially after my more challenging activity in the morning.

So, with two key fun activities rolled into one day, that’s my summer fun off to a solid start.

I hope the same holds true for you. 💚⭐️

PS – This won’t be the only times that I go swimming and or hiking, but I’m so happy to have done both of them once already!

Let us know what you think....