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Christine moves with/in/through grief

My Dad passed away on Saturday, May 6th.

He’s been unwell for a long, long time but it was a ‘might live a long long time’ type of frailty, not a ‘could pass any time’ sort of illness so losing him on Saturday was sudden and jarring.

I am sad, disoriented, and unfocused and every muscle in my body has been tense since Saturday.

But even amidst grief, ordinary life details must continue and holding on to those routines is helping me to put one foot in front of another while I make my way forwards.

Khalee and I have been going for walks.

A dog standing on a sidewalk looking back towards the camera
Image description: a light haired dog looks back toward the camera. She is standing on a sidewalk next to some winter-worn grass.

I’ve been drawing a daily monster.

A drawing of a blue and purple teardrop shaped monster who is giving advice about feeling your feelings instead of fighting them.
Every May, I set a drawing challenge for myself to create MAYbe 20 Monsters. This year the monsters are giving advice. Obviously this one was a note to self. Image description: a drawing of a teardrop shaped purple and blue monster with big glasses with text to the right that reads “Terri wants to remind you that it is okay to feel however you feel. “Go ahead and feeling your feelings,” she says, “Let them wash over you like a wave and they will pass.” She knows it isn’t easy to do but it will get easier in time.”

I’ve been meditating. (On Sunday, it was warm enough to lie in my saucer swing to meditate.)

Bare branches from a tree against a cloudy sky
Image description: the view upwards from my saucer swing – the black rope from the swing, some bare branches and a cloudy sky with some blue peeking through.

And I have been doing yoga.

I really liked how straightforward and direct this video was and how she didn’t try to be soft and singsong when she spoke.

A video from the SaraBethYoga YouTube channel. The still image shows a person with brown hair and a yellow shirt leaning to one side to stretch their neck. The background of the image is purple and white text reads ‘Grief Yoga Neck & Shoulders.’

And all of those are keeping me moving forward, literally and metaphorically.

I’m being kind to myself about it, I’m going slowly, I’m being gentle with this new version of me, I’m moving with/in/through grief.

My Dad was Peter Hennebury, a mostly-Civil Engineer, who loved bad jokes and thick books. He had a quick wit, a sharp tongue and a equal penchant for both formality and irreverence.

He was and is loved.

If you are so inclined, please raise your next cup of tea or coffee to Pete.

A photo of an old man and a middle aged woman with grumpy expressions on their faces
Yes, these grumpy faces are deliberate and they are a joke. Image description: a photo of me and my Dad with grumpy expressions on our faces. He’s a thin older man with grey hair and glasses, wearing a collared shirt and a hoodie. I’m a middle aged woman with a round face and light brown hair and glasses wearing a black hoodie.

13 thoughts on “Christine moves with/in/through grief

  1. Beautiful post, Christine. So sorry for your loss and sending hugs and love your way. Also: bookmarking this post for future reference about how to move through very early grief with grace.

  2. I’m raising a cup of tea to your mostly-civil Pete, right after writing this. Good advice to yourself, also.

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