‘Tis the season– for coffee rides!

Just when I thought it would never end, my semester is (almost) over. My last exam is Tuesday, and grades are due soon after. The weather has turned gorgeous (for now), which means my fancy has turned to: coffee rides!

My friend Pata and I have been cycling together since 2007, when we met at the NEBC (Northeast Bike Club) Women’s Ride. One of my favorite types of rides with her is the coffee ride. It is what it sounds like– we meet up and ride to our favorite local coffee place (Peet’s in Lexingon, MA) for coffee and possible baked goods, depending on when we arrive and what’s left. It’s one of my favorite summer pleasures.

This summer we’ll have to be intentional about planning them, as Pata’s work schedule is much busier. But our love for 1) cycling; 2) coffee; and 3) each other will, no doubt, prevail.

Here’s a post from 2017 about the bliss of coffee rides. Enjoy reading, riding, and sipping!


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