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Having a thing about islands

This story about Ontario islands came through my social media newsfeed recently–7 Breathtaking Islands to Visit Around Ontario That Feel Like a Slice of Paradise — and I confess I was intrigued. I’ve always had a thing about islands. I was born on an island, Great Britain. More specifically I was born in England but the island is called Britain. I spent some formative years, ages 4-10, on a large Canadian island (Newfoundland). I’ve sabbatical-ed on some big islands, Australia and the South Island of New Zealand.

And since then I’ve spent a few vacations bicycling on or around islands. And there’s a bit of a “bikes and boats” theme to my vacations.

There’s the usual Big Island Bike Ride, near Sarah’s family farm. And then Manitoulin (also in Ontario) and Bora Bora (definitely not in Ontario). See Sam Likes Riding Around Islands.

Mallory continued the family trend cycling on Prince Edward Island’s Confederation Trail on her most recent solo bike holiday.

Of the 7 Ontario islands listed above–Manitoulin, Flower Pot, Mackinac, Wolfe, Pelee, Toronto Islands, and Heart Island. I’ve been to most of them, and a few aren’t suitable for biking. But I’d like to go cycling on Pelee Island this summer.

The Waterfront Trail might be a great first ride after my second knee replacement surgery while I’ll still be riding short distances. “The Pelee Island Waterfront Trail is a 30km circular route, following close to the Lake Erie shoreline all around the Island. The route travels quiet country roads, through farmland, vineyards and natural areas, and has equal sections that are paved and unpaved. The Waterfront Trail also connects to the Islands’s Ecological Trail System, providing access to beaches, forests, sand dunes, marshes and alvars found nowhere else in Canada. “

Pelee Island

Any other islands you’d recommend for cycling?

Of the big, faraway islands I often think I’d like to go cycling in Tasmania.

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  1. Planning a bike trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Check them out–they look like something from a fairytale.

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