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Sam likes riding around islands

I think it all began on Manitoulin with Jeff.

The yellow bob trailer in a field of flowers

And then there was Bora Bora with Susan.

Now it’s Big Island with Sarah.

I got a Big Island PR today now I have clearer idea of where the giant pot holes are.

Big Island Strava

(Newfoundland is an island too but I am not counting it, though I’ve ridden there a few times, since I haven’t ridden around it. That would be a daunting prospect.)

What do I like about riding around islands?

  • Both Bora Bora (32 km) and Big Island (15 km) are a nice distance. I confess we didn’t ride all the way around Bora Bora but I am looking forward to that on my next trip, if I get to go to Bora Bora again. I want to!
  • It’s pretty hard to get lost since you can see the water for most of the ride.
  • Also, they both just have one coastal loop road.
  • There is no through traffic. People aren’t going anywhere else, just staying on the island. Both places expect cyclists and the locals are friendly.

Do you have any islands to recommend? I’d like to ride around Prince Edward Island some day.