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When magazines tell one story, but advertisers another

CW: Offensive ads

Awhile back Tracy and I were interviewed for a piece to appear in Chatelaine magazine about body positivity and midlife women. The article Where’s The Body Positivity Movement For Midlife Women? by Lisa Mesbur appeared today online. Lisa has lots of great things to say and not just the quotes from Tracy and me. You should definitely go read it!

Sadly though one reader of the blogger wasn’t happy with the ads she got served up along with the article. It’s kind of unbelievable. Now I know the ads are personalized to some extent. I don’t get these ads. My ads clearly don’t know I’m continuing my no shopping commitment. My ads are all Fluevogs!

But blog reader Kimberly got this mess of awful advertising which is about the opposite of midlife body positivity.

Argh! Whether it’s the magazine or the browser that’s serving up the ads, they certainly give you some idea of the challenges to body image in midlife.

UPDATE: My son looked at the article and he got a lot of ads for thyroid, aging, and weight gain!

2 thoughts on “When magazines tell one story, but advertisers another

  1. I got ads about hypothyroid testing, a collagen supplement, dates (the fruit, which I like much more than the other kind of dates!), and a Prosecco-style wine. All of the people in the ad pictures were sixty-ish, white, and slender. The collagen ad didn’t have any people in it.

  2. Annoying, but sometimes sort of funny. I am 71, and my weight is at the low end (not dieting, it’s just who I am). I can often buy t-shirts & thermal gear & other figure & gender neutral stuff in the children’s department.

    I do as much as I can to keep my advertising from being personal. Well, when I started to read this blog several years back, I got a stream of ads for plus size clothing. I can’t say I exactly like that – the advertisers seemed to think readers here were more about weight than fitness. So they sort of missed the point that weight should be a non-issue. Still it was satisfying to know I was not personally being followed.

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