On not making your goal in one area and overshooting the mark on others: Sam’s weird year fitness wise

This year 670.1 km to go to make my 5000 km goal

So this is the first year in a long while in which I won’t make my annual cycling distance goal. Since Zwift has arrived on the scene there’s no excuse for not continuing to rack up the kilometers in the dark and the cold. In recent years when I’ve started the fall behind and looking like I wouldn’t make my annual goal, I’ve just ramped up the Zwifting.

But this year the end of the cycling season coincided with knee surgery. No big mileage on the trainer was in the cards this fall. Technically I gave up on the goal a few months back but I didn’t let Strava know so it’s still tracking and counting for me.

While 30 some odd kilometers per day is technically doable with all the physio and holiday social gatherings in the cards it’s not going to happen. So far, since knee surgery I’m mostly riding 10 km at a time, not 30.

Bye annual cycling goal!

On the other hand I’ve blown right past the 222 workouts I was aiming for in 2022.

Workout number #413

With daily physio, dog walking, aquafit, cycling and personal training, I’ve been tracking some big numbers in the counting workouts groups.

When someone congratulated me, I said it’s weird. It didn’t feel like it was worthy of congrats this year. I just have to do all the physio. I don’t have a choice. I know that’s a mistake. I do deserve the congrats.

At this rate I might make 440 workouts in the year, double the 220 goal.

It’s definitely been a weird year fitness wise. I’m not a fan of the phrase “it is what it is” but this year, yep, it is what it is.