When to work out? Sam is back to lunch hour workouts

Oh early winter, dark days. It’s a struggle.

And while in theory I like the idea of winter as a quiet restful at home low key season, nestled on the sofa with a stack of books, thanks to the pandemic I’ve spent quite enough time at home. Thanks to recovery from surgery I’ve also spent enough time on the sofa.

I also know it’s better for my mental health and energy levels if I keep moving. Rest sounds good but it doesn’t always make me feel good.

But when to workout? At 6 am in the dark? At 6 pm in the dark? Neither seems to be working right now.

It doesn’t help that my big busy job is also extra busy right now with lots of days starting at 8 and going into the evening.

The one time that’s been working for me is lunch hour. Meg and I meet for personal training then and I’ve almost always got lunch hour booked off. It’s also nice to get out of my building and walk to the gym when the sun is shining. Yes, there are complications around work clothes and gym clothes but end of term makes that less of a conflict. I’m going to try to make the lunch hour workouts a thing in December. Wish me luck!

When do you workout in the winter? Does the dark affect your ability to get out in the evening?