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Three Good Things: The Fit Feminist Edition!

What’s three good things?


“The 3 Good Things is all about taking time once a day to write down three good things that happened today. Studies have shown this simple exercise, practiced daily, leads to higher satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.”

I’ve been combating November blues and trying to focus on the positive is part of that. Everyday I’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter (about to rethink the latter, lol) about the things that each day make me grateful, happy to be alive.

For example, Thursday it was a beautiful sunny morning with very cool clouds.

Beautiful morning sky

For this blog post though, I’m going to think about the week rather than the day and instead of one thing, I’m going to look for three. And since it’s fit and feminist related in going to focus on my recovery from knee replacement surgery.

What’s my three good fit feminist things for the week?

Good thing #1: I was able to walk in our Remembrance Day procession and watch the ceremony at the University of Guelph. Yes, I walked with a cane. Yes, I was slow. But unlike last year I was able to participate.


Good thing #2: Sarah and I got see to see Grace Petrie and Ben Moss in concert at the Dakota Tavern this week. I loved a show that started at 7 and ended by 930. I love live music and I felt like myself again being out and doing things in the world. We saw lots of friends the we hadn’t seen since before the pandemic began. Fun times.

Good Thing #3: Cheddar and I have been out walking again, not just around the block. It feels so good to be moving again. If dogs can be grateful, Cheddar is grateful too.

Cheddar and Sam walking in the morning sun

What’s your three good things?