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Things that make you smile, the body positive, Friday edition

It’s November. That’s my grumpy and sad month. So I am making an effort to note the things that make me smile. Here are some body positive things in the news this week.

Judging by the reaction on our Facebook page, this story made lots of people smile: A pro-fat camp for women? Sign me up. There was a lot of “Count me in!” and “I’m signing up!” and “Loooooove this!”

“Camp Roundup, a summer camp experience for fat women that was conceived of by a pair of friends, Alison Rampa and Erica Chiseck, was held for the first time this year in Newark, Ohio. The duo was inspired to create the camp after listening to an episode of the “Maintenance Phase” podcast that tackled the twisted history of fat camps. In the episode, hosts Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon spoke about how, for decades, fat camps have shamed children for their bodies, resulting in eating disorders and the spread of beliefs that diets are effective and being fat is inherently bad. Though weight loss camps are marketed as solutions to childhood obesity, they actually spread unhealthy calorie restrictions, fad diets and intense workout sessions. As of 2019, roughly two dozen fat camps were still operating across the United States. After learning about the history of these camps, Rampa and Chiseck wondered how different their lives might have been — and how different life might be for their own children one day — if there had been a camp for fat celebration.”

Lizzo dresses up as Miss Piggy!

“Shortly after transforming herself into Marge Simpson for HalloweenLizzo took on another absolute icon for her second costume of the season: the one and only Miss Piggy. The star shared a handful of photos and videos of her tribute to the Muppet queen on Instagram, including a few where she recreated a famous pic of Piggy posing “nude” (can Muppets be nude?) with a snake draped around her body. 

“A tribute to my forever icon, MISS PIGGY. The epitome of grace, style, confidence and a warrior for love. @realmisspiggy i love you,” Lizzo wrote in her caption, though the Piggy herself has yet to respond to the glorious look. In the photo, Lizzo dons a platinum-blonde curled wig just like Miss Piggy’s, plus a pink pig nose and ears. In a video of the costume, Lizzo sets the reveal of her look to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ubiquitous “W.A.P.,” calling the slinky and sexy look a “W.A. Piggy” moment.”

Disney introduces first plus-size heroine in animated short Reflect

“Disney has debuted its first plus-size female protagonist in a short film that is being praised for exploring body positivity and overcoming self-doubt. The animation, Reflect, tells the story of Bianca, a young ballet dancer who “battles her own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear by channelling her inner strength, grace and power”. It forms part of Disney’s Short Circuit series of experimental films, released over the Disney+ streaming service last month. The six-minute feature has been pitched as an uplifting tale of conquering body dysmorphia and self-doubt.”

This list of affirmations in the spirit of body neutrality also made me smile.

Body neutral affirmations

Anything in the world of feminism, fitness, and body positivity that made you smile this week? Share your news in the comments below.