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Gently teasing runners is okay, promoting driving is not

Tim Hortons spoofs running

A few people shared the new Tim Hortons ad with me thinking the mockery of runners in it would hit a nerve with the blog.

And sort of, maybe, it did. But not in the way people thought it might.

The ad is cute, I guess. Gently teasing runners (cyclists, whatever) is fine with me. Likely we do take out activities too seriously.. We could do with some teasing.

But what we didn’t like was the add promoting driving and drive-thru. Ugh. In a time of climate catastrophe and record setting storms tearing the east coast of Canada apart that seems off-key to me. We need to see the association between the way we live and get around in the world and the environmental future we collectively face. Whether we run, bike, walk or take transit, we all need to take seriously the alternatives to driving gas powered vehicles.

“A run is something you can do from the comfortable seat of your car—that you can do in slides and socks,” claims the press release. “The best kind of run is one that doesn’t require a km/h tracking watch.”

Tim’s is even selling run club merch.


Run Club, by Tim Hortons