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Sam rides 58 km on her birthday bike ride!

We did it!

My birthday bike ride, my soon to be age in kilometers! That’s 58. I turn 58 on Wednesday.

I was worried that we’d forgotten to plan it. But in the end we decided not to go to the boat and instead visit the boat after knee surgery when I’m feeling okay but still not mobile. By then Jeff will be in the Thousands Islands which is super pretty. I’m looking forward to it.

I know. We could have done it in six months. I’ve argued before that there are no rules about birthday bike rides. You do you!

Can you do them on a trainer? Yes. Can you choose miles or kilometers? Yes. Do you need to do them on your birthday? No. Does it need to be the same number as your age? No.

That said, my preference is for outside, my age in kilometers, before my birthday. And that was today.

We did our favorite rolling hills route that we’ve borrowed from the Tour de Guelph, adding on a few extra kilometres. See the weird sticking out bit that goes nowhere? That’s our bonus couple of kms needed to make it 58.

I was a bit nervous and super cautious. I really didn’t want a bike crash to spoil my surgery date. But all good. It was a happy chatty sunny ride and I think we saw every road cyclist in Guelph out there today, including a group of women on road bikes with a bride or soon to be bride, wearing a wedding veil.

Best of all, on our way home we ran into friends from Toronto, in Guelph as part of a motorbike outing. And we all got to have high tea together at the Boathouse. Yay!

Boathouse tea! Thanks Andrea for the photo
Strava map
Photos from our ride including Hume Road, for the philosophers.

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  1. Yay! What a great way to celebrate, well, all sorts of things. More celebrating to come.

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